Ein Gedi Hotel


Swimming Pool

No matter what you plan for your vacation, always leave time for our pool…

The Ein Gedi Botanical Garden

Ein Gedi located in a rare junction between water and desert, stream and sea, old and new. This unique area was found to be a wonderful habitat for hundreds of plant species brought to Ein Gedi from around the world to create a beautiful and rich global garden.

Free Cultural Program for Hotel Guests

Attractions Free Cultural Program for Hotel Guests

Ein Gedi Sea of Spa

Sea of Spa is a compound offering a full experience of nature, body and soul. The site is built around the two natural treasures – the Dead Sea

Moonlight Trips

For thousands of years, the water and wind etched the soft marlstone near Masada into giant, beautiful and impressive statues.

Musical Performances at the Hotel Bar

The Baobar, the hotel’s café hosts live musical attractions at the hotel bar every Friday night. The shows take place on the open veranda overlooking the amazing botanical garden

What goes on in nature

Floods are undoubtedly one of the most impressive showcases of nature around us!

Yonit Beauty & Art

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